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For our new remote dog obedience training and management program (Dog Train Remotely™️), all you need is a video conferencing device (e.g., mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer 🖥💻📹, etc.).

And while we don’t always need your dog(🐶s) present for an entire video session, we’d ❤️ to meet him or her or them.🐾

In the conventional and popular sense, training an animal entails shaping, luring or capturing behaviors such as sitting or lying down.

But to teach the kind of “obedience” 🐕/🐩 owners typically seek, we need to modify, manage or eliminate (extinguish) existing unwanted behaviors.

Through remote observation of your dog interacting with other dogs, people and/or the immediate environment (at home or at the dog park, etc.) unprompted and in real-time, we can coach you through many if not all of your problems where ever you and your dog(s) live.

Not to be confused with “remote training collars”, which we employ (case by case) at low stimulus levels for private in-person instruction due to the sophisticated nature of the collars and their smart tech integration.

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